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Geno McGahee is a Massachusetts filmmaker responsible for EVIL AWAKENING (2001), RISE OF THE SCARECROWS (2003), FAMILY SECRET (2009), SCARY TALES (2010), LONE GUNMAN (2012), SICKLE (2012) and SCARY TALES: LAST STOP (2014). McGahee has been behind the camera since the age of 12, filming skits with friends before making his first feature film “EVIL AWAKENING,” released by Tempe Entertainment in 2008.

In 2011, McGahee was featured on the re-release DVD of the popular 1980’s slasher “MADMAN,” giving his opinion on the horror world and the film. McGahee has been featured on IFC, MTV, Fangoria, Fox News, and many more publications for his work in entertainment. McGahee currently works for CINEMA EPOCH as the Acquisitions Manager and does closed captioning and editing as side work.

McGahee recently finished 2 spots away from the finals of the screenwriting competition in SHRIEKFEST FILM FESTIVAL for his script “HEAD HUNTER.” HEAD HUNTER would go onto the finals of the SANFORD INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and the finals in the THREE CITIES FILM FESTIVAL.  “SCARY TALES,” finished just below the semi-finals and is an “OFFICIAL SELECTION” in the HORROR ON SEA Film Festival. McGahee’s paranormal monster movie SICKLE has become an OFFICIAL SELECTION at the FANTASTIC HORROR FILM FESTIVAL and has been nominated for “Best Editing” and “Scariest Killer”. SICKLE and SCARY TALES:LAST STOP, his two new features are slated for release in 2016.  Currently, McGahee is organizing UNEARTHED with Reignstorm Productions, a monster in the woods movie, shooting in 2016.

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Melissa Antoinette Garza – Lead Writer

Melissa Garza was born in 1979, and resides in Massachusetts. She was married on Augest 21, 2010, to the love of her life, Stephen Garza.  She has been writing short stories, screenplays and novels since early childhood and is currently working on multiple projects and hopes to create a graphic novel or comic book with her husband who is an artist that has worked with Geno McGahee making storyboards for his films.

Melissa’s fascination with the horror genre began in the mid-80s when Saturday afternoons were ruled by scary movies and strange TV shows like “Tales From the Darkside.” She finds movies about mind control or strange cults the most appealing. Films such as “The Stepford Wives,” (1975) and “Race With the Devil,” (1975) rate among her favorites of all time. She loves “The Twilight Zone.” In fact, much of her inspiration comes from Rod Serling and his thoughts on human nature.

Disappointed with the current quality of most mainstream films being released, she finds reviewing is a way to vent about those that are horrible while giving the little known gems the recognition they deserve.  Melissa can be directly contacted at


Chris Summerfield – Movie Reviews & More

Chris has always been a great movie lover, and recalls watching movies has far back as he can remember.  When growing up, he was a huge fan of Tarzan, Lassie, Laurel and Hardy, western movies, monster movies and many midnight horror movies. The horror movies that first shocked Chris was Omen, The Entity and one that still has a creep factor being Evil Dead. After watching well over a thousand plus movies the desire to keep watching is fresh.  He is always seeking something original to watch, so he can boast about it, the reason he chooses sometimes to buy very low budget movies for that actually reason.

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Wayne C. Rogers – Movie Reviews, Book Reviews & More

Wayne C. Rogers lived his young adult years in North Carolina, but has been a resident of Las Vegas for over twenty-seven years. He has a love/hate relationship with the city and its bus system. Whatever you do, don’t get him started. Though Mr. Rogers is currently a casino employee, he actually considers himself to be a writer. Say something nice to him, and he’ll give you a story to read. He has written over 500 book, movie and DVD reviews since the early eighties. Now, he’s establishing himself as an author of horror fiction, having sold close to twenty short stories during the last three years, written four novellas, rewritten a published erotic/horror novel, written several short and two feature-length screenplays based on his fiction, has two novels in the process of being written, along with two more movie scripts. His motto is taken from The Shawshank Redemption–“Get busy living or get busy dying.” He hopes to be at the keyboard working on a story when the time comes to kick the bucket. He cant’ think of a better way to go at his age. How old is he? Well, let’s just say he can remember when Lincoln was President, and yes, Lincoln did have an axe leaning up against the podium to ward off vampires.



The seeds were sown for Kevin Scott’s formidable years with the perfect storm of parental naivety and the proliferation of VHS. He now reaps the fruit of his wasted youth by enjoying a heightened appreciation for classic and contemporary horror and exploitation cinema. He can be contacted at



Polly Hughes – Paranormal Research & Movie Reviews

Polly Hughes lives in Western, Massachusetts.  At the age of 63, she had an out of body experience, was declared dead, but a miracle happened and she came back to this world.  It inspired her to become a paranormal investigator and to start being a truth machine.  She makes great mint brownies, has plenty of haters, and works for countless charitable causes.

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