Vox Calls Tucker Carlson’s Fans Racist – FACT CHECK


By Melissa Antoinette Garza


As I desire to understand the current liberal mind, I will sometimes watch CNN, MSNBC and I’ll read articles from BUZZFEED, SALON, etc.  When I fact-check their work, I’m never surprised to find that the news reported is misleading, if not straight up false.

Recently, VOX put out a video entitled WHY WHITE SUPRAMISISTS LOVE TUCKER CARLSON? This inflammatory video is not only edited in such a deceitful manner that it would make THE YOUNG TURKS proud.  Carlson has denounced all forms of racism since his show began.  He has done interview after interview with individuals that are on every side of the political fence.  He constantly and actively uses his platform to fight against those who perpetuate acts of both racism and discrimination.  Yet VOX utilizes footage of a few legitimate questions and concerns regarding crime statistics, refugees and terrorists.  None of the clips are shown in any type of context, nor are any of the times Carlson used his program to decry racism.  In fact, the pieces shown were so choppy, it’s obvious to anyone watching that they were butchered to fit VOX’s false narratives.

Of course, Carlson’s reputation won’t be hurt by the piece.  Best case scenario, VOX Believers will watch it, not research it and believe the idiocy.  If it were merely VOX singing to the choir, I wouldn’t care.  My fear is this video will incite violence from the far-left.

If so, this is hardly the first time VOX and VOX’s employees have attempted to inflict physical pain onto others.  Former editor Emmet Rensin, while working for the company tweeted “Advice: If Trump comes to your town, start a riot.”

Rensin’s insane outburst isn’t the only time VOX wanted to rile up the left.  VOX commonly shows willingness and complicity to sacrifice their young readers to prison and permanent criminal records, while their storytellers are safe being keyboard warriors and/or in front of a camera spouting lies and hate.

Peter Hasson of THE DAILY CALLER found five incidents where VOX encouraged rioting – not protesting, but full-fledge rioting.  Essentially, they are force feeding college students complete lies and rubbish and then feeding them to the police for doing what VOX said to do.

VOX published an article by German Lopez that said riots “can lead to serious social reforms” and that “Baltimore is certainly getting a lot more attention following the looting and fires.”

Only one day prior, VOX ran an article by Jenee Desmond-Harris who defended riots calling them a “rational response to daily despair.”  Hasson reported that the article was shared 5K plus times on Facebook.  Think of all the young minds reading this.  The message VOX is sending is clear.  Peaceful protests are not enough.  If you want to make a change, riot.

VOX writer Dara Lind claimed a “peaceful protest is invisible.”  The list goes on and on.  I suggest you read Hasson’s article to realize the depth VOX is willing to go and how callous they are about violence.   http://dailycaller.com/2016/06/06/five-times-vox-encouraged-rioting/


The question is why does VOX want riots so much.  Why are they trying to pretend they have the moral high-ground when openly and transparently encouraging rioting and violence?  Why do they push the narrative and outright lie to get young Americans, who unfortunately believe them, to unlawfully break windows, steal, burn places down, cause physical harm to the police and destroy Was it the $200 million dollar “investment” that the liberal elites at NBCUniversal gave them (they also gave 200 mil to Buzzfeed)?

VOX likes to cause noise and chaos. It exists to help the democratic party and there’s nothing wrong with that.  My issue is when the media openly lies and deceives their readers.

Most Americans know, but sadly some are still unaware of the liberal game.  VOX, CNN, BUZZFEED, MSNBC, etc. want to rile up those who believe them.  They will use manipulation, lies, a smug attitude or jokes to try and make conservatives look stupid.  Their end-goal is to rile people up and believe the nonsense they’re selling. My guess as to the reason Tucker Carlson was targeted was because he confronted a VOX editor on the lies perpetuated by the website approximately 7 months ago (video below).

As I usually just write reviews and I’m hoping that my audience, though small, is diverse in their political beliefs.  Maybe, a few people who watch and believe VOX, will research the stories they tell, rather than jumping into an insane and possibly deadly riot while the VOX Keyboard Warriors type away lies.