A Woman’s View on the Women’s March


WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 21:  Madonna performs onstage during the Women's March on Washington on January 21, 2017 in Washington, DC.  (Photo by Paul Morigi/WireImage)

By Melissa Antoinette Garza


I knew from the start I wasn’t going to vote for Hillary Clinton. It was her track record of getting child molesters off and silencing rape victims that disgusted me enough to say “NEVER.”  I live in MA. I knew she’d win the state, but there was no way I was going to help get her there.

It took me awhile to decide to vote for Donald Trump.  It wasn’t until he gave Hillary’s victims/survivors Kathy Shelton and Juanita Broaddrick a platform that he truly won me over.  I began looking closely at his policies, listening to his speeches, and finding him to be a believable and viable candidate.  The mainstream media purposely misconstruing what he said, purchasing 11-year-old archived audio from sources like ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, and publicizing them in a way that misrepresented what he said, convinced me even more that he was the candidate to vote for.

It still irritates the hell out of me that people claim he was talking about sexually assaulting women on this tape, when he starts off the conversation by stating that Nancy O’Dell shot him down and that he (Donald Trump) was acting like a “bitch.”  He didn’t force himself on anyone.  He didn’t assault her or force himself on her.  He was the “bitch” for taking her furniture shopping hoping it would end with more – and it didn’t – and he didn’t push!  He essentially said that when you’re rich, you can typically get women to whatever you want them to.  Leftist radicals love to pick out the “grab em’” line, but forget to mention he’s referring to the prior statement of women allowing that.


As a rape survivor, I take exception when the media (and anyone else) lies about sexual assault.  I get even angrier when they ignore sexual assault victims.  During the election, how many more news hours were dedicated to this audio tape than Kathy Shelton, Juanita Broaddrick or any of the other sexually assaulted women that the Clinton Clan spent a lifetime abusing?

Now, let’s fast-forward to this Women’s March.  I’m a feminist or more accurately an equalist.  I believe in equal rights for men and for women.  Sharia Law, radical Islam honor killings, looking for wisdom from pedophile prophet Mohammed, and stoning women to death for not wearing hajibs is something that needs to stop.  When there is a Women’s March against the brutality of women within Saudi Arabia and the overall Islamic State, I’ll be right there.  I won’t be dressed like a vagina, but I’ll be there.

This Women’s March, however was just an Anti-Trump protest.  That’s all.  It was nonsensical, violent, and celebrated REAL sexism by proudly wearing hajibs and praising one of the organizers/Sharia Law supporter Linda Sarsour.

Radical Islam supports the torture and execution of women who do not obey and people who are homosexual, but the Women’s March is protesting a man who is pushing for paid Maternity Leave, better and cheaper healthcare, advancement in medications that treat cervical cancer and breast cancer (that’s right – the Federal Money he’s taking away from abortions are being rerouted to major female health issues), who hired KellyAnne Conway, the first woman that ran a successful Presidential campaign.  We’ve already talked about how dangerous Sharia Law is to women.  Trump actively and successfully implemented a drone strike against ISIS and Al Qaeda.  He even killed the head official, Abu Anis al-Abi in Yemen (Bayda specifically) on his first day.  So while women walked with “pussy” hats on their heads, Trump was destroying regimes that actually kill women.


Still, if you listen to the media they make The Mexico City Policy, leaving TPP and repealing Obamacare awful moves or they don’t talk about them at all and just call him lazy.  He’s done more this week than Obama did in 8 years.

As for all these idiots like Ashley Judd and Madonna who make incestuous jokes and call for violence, fuck you. You didn’t speak for us during the election. You don’t speak for us now.  Neither one of you are women that I admire.  Madonna actively sticks up for a man who beat the living shit out of her on a regular basis and became famous for humping the MTV Awards stage.  Ashley Judd spews disgusting rhetoric.  As I said earlier, I’m a rape survivor.  My father was the rapist.  I’m in therapy, have PTSD and my purse looks like a pharmacy.  FUCK YOU ASHLEY JUDD, for bringing shit like that up.  You’re a horrible person.  To joke about incest is disgusting and it’s reflective of you, not Donald Trump.   These are disgusting representations of my gender and if the Women’s March would rather hear from them than rape survivors like Kathy Shelton and Juanita Broaddrick – the attendees can go to hell, as well.

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