By Geno McGahee

There are legends that have been widely dismissed by the public as years have gone on, but there are some that have lingered. Many still believe in aliens and Sasquatch and that and much more are covered in THE BRIDGEWATER TRIANGLE, a look at an area of land spreading about 200 miles in southeastern, Massachusetts.

Brought to us by Aaron Cadieux and Manny Famolare, the film presents eye-witness accounts of strange happenings and historical evidence supporting some of the contentions presented. One of the more interesting interviews was with an older man that was walking his dog and came across a short hairy creature that was welcoming him somewhere. It could have been an alien or an unknown creature, but whatever it was, the old man believed in it and finally came forward to tell his story.

The area has many Sasquatch reports, UFO sightings along with many other strange occurrence have made this area a hot spot for paranormal investigation. Groups of people tour in hopes of proving that the unexplained does exist, but outside of a woman supposedly possessed by the spirit of a demon, there wasn’t a lot of “caught on tape” type of evidence.

The film gets really interesting when the murders and Satanic rituals are discussed. The story of a girl being beheaded and tied to a tree and the man being arrested claiming Satanic ritualistic reasons for it was very compelling. I loved the transition between the interviews regarding the matter and the police photos.

The only problem I have with this film is the pacing. There are some times when the interviews seem to drag on a bit and the expertise of some of those interviewed can be debated, but, in the end, I found the documentary very interesting and it brings forth something that I didn’t know about and many others probably don’t know about. THE BRIDGEWATER TRIANGLE is a very good documentary about this subject and hopefully this will inspire others to explore the area and find something to really support the contentions given in this piece.

I recommend this film. If you are a fan of documentaries about the unexplained, then this is for you.

Rating: 7/10