The 14 Costumes You’ll See Everywhere on Halloween This Year

While most people are waiting on October 29 to start thinking about their costume, I am the type of human who loves Halloween so much that she starts thinking about it 1 month in advance. What? This is the perfect time: all sizes are available in stores, and there is no traffic.

Halloween is the only time you can be whomever you want, and nobody has the technical right to judge you for your choices. This Halloween definitely should be as entertaining as top online casino, but what kinds of suits will be?

If you’re not too inspired, it’s pretty easy to analyze pop culture to get an idea of what will be popular this year. But for more accurate data, Pinterest and the Lyst search platform analyzed the data to guess what will be the most redundant this year in UK.

So we used this research to predict the 3 costumes that you might encounter everywhere on Halloween in 2017:


1. Wonder Woman

With her success on the screen, you will not be surprised to see her everywhere in the party. Sexy version in panties, or more reasonable in skirt: you will see the woman in red and blue in all the bars. Militant boots, shield and sword are all that you need for the image of a charming and ruthless Amazon, who can stun a man not only with beauty.

2. The Beauty of Beauty and the Beast

The Belle & La Bête is one of Disney’s biggest hit this year. Belle will therefore have the same success for Halloween. She will be as popular in her yellow princess dress as in her blue housewife dress. If you are looking for a nice suit not too daring, it is perfect for you.

3. Pennywise from It

Pennywise the clown is the Harley Quinn of 2017. Also popular, but much more terrifying. If I see one in the metro like the picture above, I would not enter! The new IT is a champion of revenue with regard to the horror film, and this fact makes us realize the great success of the audience, especially among the younger ones, who are also the majority of those who love to dress and masquerade in Halloween.

4. Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow

Game of Thrones: definitely one of the top series of 2017. It requires difficult organization, but it is a guaranteed success.

5. The sirens

We never get tired of sirens. The makeup is beautiful and easy to make, and Pinterest users love it: they have pinned over 1.4 million images of siren leggings. The sirens have been around for some time. Trends, graphics … No reason Halloween escapes.


6. A hippie

This is not a novelty, it is even an old classic. But for some unknown reason, “hippie clothes” rose by 130% in Pinterest research. Do not forget to put the flower in your hair!

7. The unicorn

Obviously: the unicorn is EVERYWHERE in 2017. You do not need Narcity to tell you, but hey, the search for the word unicorn on Pinterest has risen by 110% this year.

8. Donald Trump

Pretty easy to achieve: blonde wig, red tie, orange face, and it’s settled! There are even masks from the President of the United States that are selling. One thing is certain, we will not stop talking about him, and just like last year, this costume will be everywhere!