Fantastic Four (2015) – Marvel Superhero Summer Blockbuster MOVIE REVIEW

By Andrew Bard The new summer superhero blockbuster was nothing more than a Fantastic Bore. When director Josh Trank delivered an open apology and bashed the film and the studio for its shortcomings I knew this film was going to be a train wreck but what I got was somewhat unexpected. You would have to […]


DC/Warner Bros planning 7 movies in 3 years – Rumor Mill & Superhero MOVIE NEWS

By Pat French The other day Nikki Finke broke the scoop that Warner Bros has an ambitious 3-year schedule to follow up on the now-titled Superman V Batman: Dawn of Justice (which… just… ugh). According to Finke’s sources, Warner Bros as planning this announcement for this summer’s San Diego Comic Con. A lot of this […]


Alter Egos (2012) – Superhero MOVIE REVIEW

By Forris Day Jr. Superman’s got nothin’ on the heroes in “Alter Egos”! Imagine a world where anyone might have a superpower. It can be anything. Some have more control over their power than others and if you’re really good you can apply to Supercorp, become an official Superhero and fight Super Villains! That is the […]