Dreamscape (1984) – Dennis Quaid|David Patrick Kelly -DREAM INVASION HORROR MOVIE REVIEW

By Geno McGahee The 1980s was such a great time for film and one of the films that had the biggest impact on me was the 1984 flick “DREAMSCAPE.” Remarkably, it came out the same year as A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and even though they are more different than alike, there are similarities that […]

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FAMILY SECRET: Illuminati Slasher RECUT – Alex Jones Operation Paul Revere Film Semi-Finalist Unleashes New Vision of Horror – Free on Amazon Prime

FAMILY SECRET, the illuminati slasher film, was initially released in 2009, but now a new Director’s Cut has been released and is free on Amazon Prime. Released by Cinema Epoch, this Xposse Production has earned a lot of attention for its controversial nature. FAMILY SECRET, a whodunit slasher film, explores the hidden world and secret […]


Four Classic Horror Remakes That Totally Failed

To get upset about the commonality of remakes these days is something of an exercise in futility. As long as they keep making money, Hollywood is going to keep churning them out. But sometimes remakes go so far in trying something new and modern that you have to wonder what they were thinking. Here are […]


Rob Zombie’s 31 – In Theaters October 21st – ***FIRST TEASER POSTER NOW AVAILABLE** – HORROR MOVIE NEWS

Written & Directed by: Rob Zombie Executive Producers: Mike Goodridge Producers: Rob Zombie, Andy Gould, Matthew Perniciaro and Michael Sherman, Eddie Vaisman, Mike Elliott Cinematography by: David Daniel Music by: Jeff Cardoni Edited by: Glenn Garland Cast: Sheri Moon Zombie, Malcom McDowell, Meg Foster, Elizabeth Daily, Sandra Rosko, Richard Brake Distributor Saban Films Release Date: […]


House Hunting (2013) – Marc Singer Paranormal HORROR MOVIE REVIEW

By Geno McGahee Haunted house movies are overdone, but they are usually found footage these days. So, HOUSE HUNTING, despite it being in a sub-genre that’s overdone, seemed fresh. Written and directed by Eric Hurt, HOUSE HUNTING is a paranormal horror film with plenty of mystery mixed in. With a solid cast and decent pace, […]


Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (2009) – Mutant Hillbilly HORROR MOVIE REVIEW

By Geno McGahee “Hillbilly? That can’t be.” – Sheriff Carver (Bill Moody) I can understand why they keep making the WRONG TURN movies, but I have a sneaking suspicion that they just take screenplays that are lying around and modify them to fit the series. I find this so odd. There are so many writers […]

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11.22.63 on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD August 9, 2016 – Stephen King & J.J. Abrams Movie News

WHAT IF YOU COULD CHANGE THE PAST? FIND OUT AS WARNER BROS. HOME ENTERTAINMENT RELEASES 11.22.63 ON BLU-RAY, DVD AND DIGITAL HD AUGUST 9, 2016 Imagine having the power to change history. Journey with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment to the 1960s with the release of 11.22.63 on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD on August 9, […]


The Towering Inferno (1974) – Paul Newman & Steve McQueen DISASTER MOVIE REVIEW

By Geno McGahee The 1970s had the disaster movie right. We saw the disaster movies come back in the 1990s with the advent of CGI and that new toy ended up hurting the final product in the end, most of the time. The 1970s had to rely on practical effects and good writing to make […]


Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003) – Victor Salva HORROR MOVIE REVIEW

By Geno McGahee OK, I may as well address the elephant in the room. That elephant is convicted child molester, Victor Salva, who just so happens to be the writer and director of JEEPERS CREEPERS, JEEPERS CREEPERS 2 and the upcoming third entry. There are plenty of horror fans that will not support this guy’s […]

last stop

SCARY TALES: LAST STOP – Bigfoot, Masked Killers, Satanic Cult & More – Now Available on YouTube – SASQUATCH HORROR MOVIE NEWS

SCARY TALES: LAST STOP will be released worldwide in June, but is now available on YouTube in its entirety. The horror anthology featuring Sasquatch, masked killer, a Satanic cult is a throwback to the old school anthologies that we saw in the eighties. Synopsis After a train wreck, four passengers from different walks of life […]



SICKLE will be released worldwide in June, but is now available on YouTube in its entirety. The paranormal monster movie, featuring music by horror icon Jonathan Tiersten and heavy metal legends, TigerTailz, SICKLE brings a new creature to the genre. Synopsis Twelve year old Michael Hart is convicted of the murder of a babysitter, despite […]


The 6TH Day (2000) – Arnold Schwarzenegger SCI-FI/ACTION MOVIE REVIEW

By Geno McGahee “You cloned the wrong man.” – Adam Gibson (Arnold Schwarzenegger) In 1994, Arnold Schwarzenegger had his last big hit of the nineties with TRUE LIES. The follow up films underperformed including JUNIOR, ERASER, JINGLE ALL THE WAY and END OF DAYS. For the most part, Schwarzenegger released quality films (Not JUNIOR), but […]