BLESSID: Filmmaker Robert Heske Speaks – Horror Filmmaking, Indie World, Comics & More

Interview by Geno McGahee I recently had the opportunity to watch a film called BLESSID, a horror/drama film that tackles the topic of suicide.  BLESSID is a beautiful film.  It is shot incredibly well and has an artistry to be appreciated with a slow burn story that gets more compelling by the minute, ending in […]

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Letting Go (2012) – Love, Dogs & More – MOVIE REVIEW

By Geno McGahee Joel (Jake Torem) is having a rough go of it. His longtime girlfriend, April (Shirley Brener) is having some substance abuse problems and the two have lost the connection that they once had. The relationship is in turmoil and it isn’t being helped by Joel’s three large dogs, demanding job and inner […]