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Cabin Fever & Alter Egos: Joey Kern Speaks of his Movie Career

Podcast by Forris Day JR Joey Kern studied at New York University where he earned a BFA in Drama. He then went on to train at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. His professional acting career began on stage with various companies including the Atlantic Theater Company, New Group Theater and Theatre for […]

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Cell Count (2012) – Movie Review

Reviewed by Melissa Garza “Don’t bite the hand that heals you,” Dr. Brandt (Christopher Toyne) The movie opens as Russell (Robert McKeehan) sits in the hospital watching his wife Sadie (Haley Talbot) die of an incurable disease.  Out of options, he takes Dr. Victor Brandt’s (Christopher Toyne) advice and allows her to go under experimental […]


Ozone (1993) movie review – Cult Film – Action/Horror Hybrid

Reviewed by Melissa Garza     Eddie Boone (James Black) is a no nonsense cop who doesn’t play by the rules.  When his partner disappears he hits the streets in an attempt to find him.  What he finds instead is a dangerous drug.  He is injected with the substance and then suffers insane hallucinations, violent […]