By Polly Hughes

Yo, check this out. I got my Amazon Prime groove on and found the 2018 action flick “SYNDICATE SMASHER” and must say that I was eager to see it because it got my girl, Laurene Landon, in it. I remember her swinging that sword in HUNDRA and going after MANIAC COP and now here she is, back again, and she’s just as bad.

SYNDICATE SMASHER is released by CINEMA EPOCH and is directed by Benny Tjandra and Doug Tochioka, and it brings some slick action to the genre with a group of characters that kill for pay. Led by Milan (Mel Novak), the group includes some experts with weapons and carrying out hits. Dara (David Prak), Jack Samson (Jon Miguel) and Dasha (Olya Lvova) make out the rest of the team and we begin with a firefight of epic proportions as Milan opens fire on the group with a gun that would make RAMBO proud. The rest of the group takes action and the first hit of the film is done. Countless dead and the group collect the reward, but the next prize will be a big one.

When it’s revealed that they were pawns in the game of mob boss, Dippolito (Nic D’Avirro), things get complicated and now the group is the one that has to fight for their lives and take down a large group of bad guys. Frustrated as the situation, Driscoll (Landon), starts playing by her own rules to try to flush out some of the crooked element within the department and finally put Dippolito away for good. It’s not easy as she faces resistance from all sides, but when she plays by her own set of rules, things begin to work out and secrets are exposed.

A bunch of Russian goons attempt to take out Milan, but when the smoke settles, he remains standing and is now coming for revenge with his group of trained killers. The mob starts to pay and the action picks up with the hits getting more vicious and plentiful. This leads to a big climax where all the major players come together in an explosive ending.

SYNDICATE SMASHER is a good action indie with a good body count and plenty of firepower throughout. We get a little bit of everything and it was nice to see my girl HUNDRA back again. She did really well in this role. It was also nice to see my boy, Joe Estevez, back. He is the most talented of that entire family and you can quote me on that.

I recommend this film and if you have prime, you can watch this for free. So sit back and get that popcorn bitches because this film is going to pack some action.

Rating: 7/10