An Xposse Production
A Geno McGahee Film

“If you’re going to have a great supernatural killer, you need certain things. A great backstory. A great look. A high body count. And Sickle has them.” – McCabria Darque,

“This movie without doubt will bring Geno McGahee much more publicity and can only bring a wider audience to his impressive work.” – Chris Summerfield,

“The movie really reminded me of movies like Phantasm and even The Mothman Prophecies” — Patrick Scattergood,

“This film has potential in the festival circuit with fans of Supernatural/Ghost hunting theorists.” –Chris Mackey, Guestar’s blog

“SICKLE is something that people need to see.” – Gruesome Hertzogg

“Sickle is a pretty creepy being…8/10.” — Jigsaw’s Lair

Sickle is a supernatural-horror film with a more in depth plot than most titles in its subgenre. It’s almost like a fleshed out, more dramatic feature length episode of “Ghost Hunters” or “Paranormal State.”” — Horror Society

“Two Bloody Thumbs Up for a creative villain with a badass backstory!” — Brothers Grimm

“Rock solid genre entertainment!” — Michael Haberfelner, Search My Trash


Twelve year old Michael Hart is convicted of the murder of a babysitter, despite his claims that a “monster did it.” Upon his release, the monster returns and the bodies are piling up. Is it the grim reaper? Is it the Mothman? Whatever it is, it’s a killing force and Michael must prove its existence to clear his name but must also face the darker side of humanity. What is SICKLE and can it be killed? Michael Hart will find out if it kills him.

SICKLE TRAILER from Geno McGahee on Vimeo.




Featuring Music by

Horror Icon Jonathan Tiersten (SLEEPAWAY CAMP)
Metal Legends TigerTailz
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