SCARY TALES: LAST STOP – Bigfoot, Masked Killers, Satanic Cult & More – Now Available on YouTube – SASQUATCH HORROR MOVIE NEWS

last stop

SCARY TALES: LAST STOP will be released worldwide in June, but is now available on YouTube in its entirety. The horror anthology featuring Sasquatch, masked killer, a Satanic cult is a throwback to the old school anthologies that we saw in the eighties.


After a train wreck, four passengers from different walks of life are trapped together and share their recent nightmares. Masked killers, Bigfoot, crazed lovers and a Satanic cult are just the beginning of the terror as this group quickly realizes that they may have experienced more than a dream and the true nightmare is about to begin.



“I have no qualms about saying that “Scary Tales: Last Stop” is the best of Geno McGahee’s films to date, with strong cohesive story-telling and great performances.” — McCabria Darque

“Scary Tales: Last Stop is an old school anthology.” — Horror Society

“No question about it Scary Tales: Last Stop will inspire many a conversational piece long after the final credits.” — Dave Gammon, Horror News