Quite a Conundrum (2013) – Horror Movie Review

By Forris Day Jr.

Have you ever gone to a party that gets a bit out of hand? You know the type of bash I speak of. Maybe Mom’s favorite lamp gets broken, Someone upchucks on the antique hand-sewn quilt your grandma made or some wise guy switches the cat food and tuna labels in your cupboard. All harmless fun. Now imagine you’re at the same party and some naked overweight guy with an eye patch shows up with a gun and shoots himself in the head landing in the pool. Now that really sucks. It’s also much harder to explain than the panties hanging from the ceiling fan.

In the dark comedy, “Quite a Conundrum”, that is exactly what happens when six friends get together and party while Mom and Dad are away. Most of us would just call the police, and maybe a pool cleaning service at that point, and call it a day but not our heroes. They sit around and try to decide what to do next, but in the meantime the troubles just keep mounting, and so does the body count. Will our gang get out of this mess or will the house and pool end up looking like a temporary morgue? Also, why is the guy with an eye patch naked and where did he hide the gun?

“Quite a Conundrum”, written by Thomas L. Phillips, is a fun comedy/thriller/party movie where the real monsters are human beings and the darkness within their souls. It has lots of funny lines and scary moments. It’s also loaded with those moments where you want to yell at the characters to “Call the police!”, “Run the other way!” and “Don’t you see what is happening!”. All classic stuff that make these type of films fun and thrilling to watch. The characters are all believable and somewhat offbeat at times such as the Bible thumping mother of one of the kids at the party. It has sexy women, studly guys, a nerdy guy and a slightly introverted yet sexy little sister. Everything you would expect in a movie such as this. I really did enjoy watching this flick. Overall a film I recommend but not one for the kids. It’s got some nudity and language. Let’s just say the overweight guy needed another eye patch and not to cover his good eye.

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