QUITE A CONUNDRUM (2012) – Sadistic/Comedy Horror MOVIE REVIEW

By Chris Summerfield

This little gem of a movie was written and directed by the talented, Thomas L Philips, who resides in California, though originally from Tennessee.

And here are some of the Awards it has collected so far, “Best feature film” New York International film festival, “Best Horror Comedy” Chicago horror film festival.

So the movie…

It focuses upon the lives of three young rich American’s, Mimi (Sasha Ramos) her younger sister, Kylene (Emily Rogers) and friend, Tabitha (Erin Cline). Mimi is introduced as a superficial, manipulative woman that seduces men for her own gains and having just ended a relationship with a hopeless, aging married man named, Marc (John Lucas).

The plot…

There is to be a party at Mimi and Kylene’s parent’s house, while the parents are away. The house is large, trendy and as a pool and the guests include, Dutch (Joe Coffey) an odd young man, who does not know the hosts, then there is, Sean (Chris Greene) he is kind of dating, Tabitha and finally there is, Harris (Anthony Rutowicz) who is introduced as Kylene’s boyfriend.

At this stage in the movie you could easily feel as if it could be predictable, six young people having a party, the viewer just waiting on one of them to begin a murderous spree, but then it takes a twist, Marc, the guy you are introduced to at the beginning of the movie turns up naked, armed with a gun, eventually turning the gun on himself and blowing his own brains out, his body falling in to the pool. The party goers therefore finding themselves in an awkward situation and when you feel things cannot get any worst for them, suddenly, Marc’s wife turns up at the front door.

And finally it soon becomes apparent that Dutch, as a disturbing and violent nature, hating the rich young women and their partners and soon results to murderous ways and on one scene even results to rape.

This movie at times can be extremely gripping and disturbing to watch, though saying that there are some great funny scenes, such as, when, Harris who is drunk and attempting to play on a drum kit, and is sure feeling horny and looking to push his luck with Mimi and Tabitha.

And as regards the climax to the movie, Dutch is dangerous and out of control, and must be stopped and so therefore it leads to a show down with Dutch, and what remains of the dwindling party guests…

So to summarise this movie, it reflects on the dangerous side of sexual manipulation and blackmail; the superficial way some people decide to live their life’s, however one thing is for sure, it does reflect how it all can go wrong, terribly wrong…

Do check out the trailer

Quite A Conundrum – Official Movie Trailer from Thomas L. Phillips on Vimeo.

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And if you are on the west coast and want to catch a viewing of this gem of a movie, click here.

It leaves me to say, Thomas L Philip’s has created a nice little movie and I am looking forward to more of his work in the future…

Rating: 8.5/10