• Home Alone: The Holiday Heist (2012) – Xmas Holiday Review

    By Geno McGahee Last year, I reviewed the dreadful HOME ALONE 4 and I summed up my thoughts like this: “HOME ALONE 4 is an insult to film, an insult to Christmas, an insult to John Heard, Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, John Heard, Catherine O’Hara, Tim Curry, an insult to John Hughes, and […]

    holiday heist
  • AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING (2017) – horror movie review

    By Melissa Antoinette Garza   AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING (2017) was filmed a few years back and has been repeatedly shelved since.  Cursed with delays and reshoots that spanned nearly 5 years, the lore behind the film was far more interesting than the production itself. When it was finally released last month, I couldn’t wait to […]

  • Surviving Christmas (2004) – Ben Affleck Xmas Holiday Movie Review

    By Geno McGahee I picked up SURVIVING CHRISTMAS on a four pack of holiday movies last year and I wasn’t incredibly eager to watch it, but it was either this or another Hallmark holiday movie. So, I said what the hell and put the DVD in and it was actually a very pleasant surprise. Drew […]

  • The Christmas Gift (1986) – John Denver Xmas Holiday Movie Review

    By Geno McGahee Every year I try to find a new Xmas series of films to review for the holidays. I want to spread joy and I do love this time of the year. Eager to spread joy, I went to the Xmas DVD section at Walmart and found THE CHRISTMAS GIFT DVD with John […]

  • Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (1988)

    Reviewed by Melissa Antoinette Garza “There‘s nothing wrong with G rated movies as long as there‘s lots of sex and violence.” – Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) When I was in elementary school, some girls idolized She-Ra, some lived for Rainbow Brite. The young intellectuals of the bunch may have even thrown Nancy Reagan‘s name around as […]

  • The Art of Horror Movies: An Illustrated History – HORROR BOOK REVIEW

    By Geno McGahee I recently had the chance to read THE ART OF HORROR MOVIES: An Illustrated History (Applause Theatre & Cinema Books Hardcover; October 2017; $40.00). Award-winning writer and editor, Stephen Jones, paints an amazing history of the horror genre from the beginning to the current date and trends. The horror genre has a […]

  • Own Annabelle: Creation on Blu-ray and DVD on October 24, or Own It Now on Digital HD– Horror Movie Review

    By Geno McGahee The horror genre got a good shot in the arm when THE CONJURING was released and it has led to various other films, including a sequel and ANNABELLE, a film that turned 257 million at the box office. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and New Line Cinema followed up with ANNABELLE: CREATION, which […]

    Annabelle 2
  • Cult of Chucky (2017) – NETFLIX FREE WATCH

      By Melissa Antoinette Garza   First, my apologies for the delay in reviews.  Unplanned emergencies and a death in the family When it comes to the CHILD’S PLAY (1987) franchise.  I’m an easy sell.  I loved the first six films, and I was pumped for the seventh.  Don Mancini, the same writer who created […]

  • Angels in the Snow (2015) – XMAS HOLIDAY MOVIE REVIEW

    By Geno McGahee My Christmas holiday movie review spree continues and has led me to a somewhat strange made for TV film called “ANGELS IN THE SNOW”. A dysfunctional family, the Montgomerys, are on their way to a cabin that the father, Charles (Chris Potter), has just built. The tension in the car on the […]

    angles 1
  • The 14 Costumes You’ll See Everywhere on Halloween This Year

    While most people are waiting on October 29 to start thinking about their costume, I am the type of human who loves Halloween so much that she starts thinking about it 1 month in advance. What? This is the perfect time: all sizes are available in stores, and there is no traffic. Halloween is the […]


The Incredible Hulk: Slaves (1982) – Marvel SUPERHERO TV SHOW REVIEW

By Geno McGahee I wonder. If David Banner (Bill Bixby) is in need of a haircut, does the Hulk’s hair become longer too? I think so. In the episode “SLAVES”, the Hulk’s hair it longer than usual and it almost looks like he’s becoming a fan of the hair bands of the 1980s. Rock on […]

iZombie S3 1(1)

Izombie: The Complete Third Season – Own it on DVD & Blu-Ray from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment – HORROR REVIEW

By Geno McGahee “Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the DVD I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own.” Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has just released iZOMBIE: The Complete Third Season on DVD. It is also available on Blu-ray, courtesy of Warner Archive Collection. The […]

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The Family Stone (2005) – XMAS HOLIDAY MOVIE REVIEW

By Geno McGahee It’s that time of year again when I watch and review as many holiday films as I can. That is how much I love Xmas and the festivities. The 2005 film “THE FAMILY STONE” is a comedy/drama that has an all-star cast and does a great job in depicting a typical family […]


BLOOD MONEY | Starring John Cusack – In Theaters and On Demand October 13th – Movie News

Directed by: Lucky McKee Written by: Jared Butler and Lars Norberg Produced by: Pete Abrahams, Peter Filardi, Pete Letz, Wendy Kay Moore Cast: John Cusack, Ellar Coltrane, Willa Fitzgerald, and Jacob Artist Distributor: Saban Films, Lionsgate Release Date: Available in select theaters and On Demand October 13th Rating: Not yet rated Running Time: 89 minutes […]

Blue Dome, Red Face copy


PALADIN PRESENTS THEY REMAIN Directed by: Phillip Gelatt Starring: William Jackson Harper (“Paterson,” “True Story”) and Rebecca Henderson (“Mistress America”) THEY REMAIN will make world premiere at the H.P. LOVECRAFT FESTIVAL on October 7 in Portland and will have theatrical release commencing in the Fall. Based on the 2010 short story, “-30-” by award-winning author […]

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Own Annabelle: Creation on Blu-ray combo pack and DVD on October 24, or Own It Early on Digital HD on October 20! – HORROR NEWS

“Dark, Disturbing and Terrifying.” Jimmy Champane, Bloody Disgusting FACE YOUR FEARS WHEN ANNABELLE: CREATION ARRIVES ONTO BLU-RAY™ COMBO PACK, DVD AND DIGITAL FROM WARNER BROS. HOME ENTERTAINMENT Own it early on Digital on October 20 Blu-ray debuts on October 24 Your favorite creepy doll is back when “Annabelle: Creation” arrives onto Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD […]


Supernatural: The Complete Twelfth Season on Blu-ray and DVD – Horror Review

By Geno McGahee Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has just released SUPERNATURAL: THE COMPLETE TWELFTH SEASON on DVD and Blu-Ray, featuring 23 episodes, four hours of bonus content and much more, including some commentaries and mythology featurettes. The 12th season picks up where the last season left off, with Toni Bevell taking the kidnapped Sam Winchester […]


Five Reasons Why Annabelle: Creation Failed to Scare Audiences

  By Melissa Antoinette Garza   I went to the cinemas yesterday to see ANNABELLE: CREATION (2017) with the hubby and sadly, both of us were quite disappointed.  I didn’t have great expectations for it, but still I left the theater feeling ripped off. Now, it wasn’t as bad as LIGHTS OUT (2016), but I […]


Miner’s Massacre (2002) – Slasher HORROR MOVIE REVIEW

By Geno McGahee It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years since the release of MINER’S MASSACRE and I look back with fond memories of going into the video store and renting it. Damn this streaming that has taken over the world. I don’t think I appreciated the horror films that came out around this […]


Hitman (1991) – Chuck Norris ACTION MOVIE REVIEW

By Geno McGahee I remember a time when most guys were sporting a mullet and, believe it or not, some of them got laid. It wasn’t frowned upon like it is nowadays. People have come to their senses and have realized that the mullet is not really cool, but back in 1991, it was still […]


SUPERNATURAL: THE COMPLETE TWELFTH SEASON – On Blu-rayTM and DVD September 5, 2017! – Horror News

The CW’s Longest-Running Scripted Series SUPERNATURAL: THE COMPLETE TWELFTH SEASON On Blu-rayTM and DVD September 5, 2017 Contains All 23 Episodes From Season Twelve, Plus Over 4 Hours of Bonus Content Including 3 All New Winchester Mythology Features! The Winchester family business adds a little more family in Season Twelve! Continue the thrilling and terrifying […]


The Circle (2017) – Thriller Movie Review – HOLLYWOOD LIBERALS EDIT FILM?

  By Melissa Antoinette Garza   I typically adore suspense flicks about conspiracies.  CAPRICORN ONE (1977), THE V (1984), THEY LIVE (1988), ANTITRUST (2001), THE CONSPIRACY (2012), THE FIRM (1993) and THE SKULLS (2000) are all movies I suggest quite often (some more than others).  Still, all of those mentioned told an entertaining and solid […]