HAWKEYE: THE FINAL COUNTDOWN: Cinema Epoch & Code Red Bring the Long Awaited Sequel to Life – Breaking Movie News

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In 1988, HAWKEYE was unleashed on the public, bringing intense action on the gritty streets of LA. Now, Cinema Epoch and Code Red Entertainment have announced a return to the series with HAWKEYE: THE FINAL COUNTDOWN. Co-directed by the legendary Leo Fong (SHOWDOWN, LOW BLOW) and Gregory Hatanaka (REVENGE OF THE SAMURAI COP, CAGED BEAUTY), HAWKEYE: THE FINAL COUNTDOWN will bring the story back to the mean streets of LA as two out of luck detectives take on a threat like they’ve never seen before. ISIS has invaded the city of angels and heads are starting to roll. Out of luck and out of time, the two detectives must race against the clock to stop the final countdown. The entire city depends on it. The film will be produced by Cinema Epoch’s Hatanaka and Code Red’s Bill Olsen.

In other breaking movie news, the follow up to the 1991 cult classic SAMURAI COP, REVENGE OF THE SAMURAI COP has just been released. Written and Directed by Gregory Hatanaka, the film brings nonstop action, featuring the original cast and a starring role for cult icon and disaster artist, Tommy Wiseau and the controversial Bai Ling. It has just been released on Amazon Prime and brings the 1980’s action style that is sorely missed from today’s film scene.


AMITYVILLE: THE FINAL CHAPTER, a film by Geno McGahee (HALLOWEEN TALES, SATANIC MEAT CLEAVER MASSACRE) is now available on Amazon Prime. When a demon from the other side intrudes on this reality, the carnage begins and it’s up to one man to stand against the being and stop the Amityville curse. It will be the final chapter as the gates of hell open and the blood spills.