COP UNDER FIRE by Sheriff David Clarke Jr – Book Review (LINKS TO PURCHASE)


By Melissa Antoinette Garza


Yesterday, I had to get out of the house.  I’m typically a bit of a hermit anyways, but it’s been getting ridiculous.  Other than going to the all night Walmart at 3 AM when no one else is there, I barely go anywhere.  I wanted to see DESPICABLE ME 3 (2017), which I did, but I also wanted to pick up some books.  As my experience was less than stellar, please allow me a small rant before I review Sheriff Clarke’s masterpiece.

I went to the local BARNES & NOBLE.  I purchase there enough where I have their 10% off card.  Typically, I go to the True Crime section, but I was in the mood for something more political and something concerning current affairs.

I’ve shopped there a thousand times, but it was the first time I noticed how absolutely one-sided it is.  Now, it may be that I live in the liberal state of MA, but I was shocked at the lack of political diversity in their in-store options.  Of course, being MA there were plenty of copies of Elizabeth Warren’s book, Rachel Maddow’s mind-numbing nonsense was present, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s books were there, even Lena Dunham’s biography was on showcase for purchase.  So, those were a pass for me.  Anyways, I had a few ideas of what I wanted in mind.

First, I picked up COP UNDER FIRE by Sheriff David Clarke Jr.  I had intended to get that since it came out and wanted a hard cover rather than a kindle edition.  In B&N’s defense, they did have a few copies of that best seller.  I was also able to get THE PUTIN INTERVIEWS which is the transcripts of the SHOWTIME docuseries by Oliver Stone.  Still, I was ready to buy five or six more books.  Like I said, I’m a bit of a hermit and so when I go out I try to buy enough to keep me busy for a few months.  I could (and do) buy from AMAZON, but I like brick-and-mortar stores. I don’t want them to disappear like old-school video stores have.

Despite being a long-shot, I looked for Tucker Carlson’s 2003 book POLITICIANS PARTISANS and PARASITES.  Understandably, that was unavailable.  So, I checked for anything by Ben Shapiro or Sean Hannity, but NOTHING.  They didn’t have any Hannity books!  There were plenty of books about how to be a radical and many that were leftist, but very few conservative voices could be found in the store.

Unsurprisingly, a young man behind the counter was getting visibly upset as the nice woman helped me look up the authors.  I had a feeling I’d get that response so I wanted to peruse their system myself, but unfortunately you need an employee username and password to use the computers.  To be clear both women who assisted me were very cool.  The one woman who researched the authors and the cashier that later helped me were great – so great in fact, I renewed my B&N card, even though I still had until the end of the month before expiration.  Even the dude was nice until I asked for Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity’s books – then he just turned away and started clenching his fists in irritation.  He didn’t say anything and I didn’t complain because this is America and he has every right to his views.  Had he started lecturing me, I would’ve said something, but he was young and probably a college student (given the area) and is most likely being told how evil conservatives are.  So, there was no scene.  I let it go and I now digress.


So, I started reading COP UNDER FIRE as soon as I bought it.  The hubby ran into a few record stores and the grocery market, while I stayed in the car hooked on Sheriff Clarke Jr.’s every word.

Sean Hannity writes the forward and parrots what many of us hope for.  He believes that Sheriff Clarke should run for president one day and I completely agree!  I’ll have my checkbook ready to start writing donations!

Even if you’ve seen every interview with Sheriff Clarke, I guarantee there’s quite a bit you don’t know.  In COP UNDER FIRE I learned so much about the Sheriff.  He starts by detailing his childhood, his rebellious antics and the approach his parents took when raising him.  He writes about a time when a white kid called him the worst racial slur there is and his father stood up for him, right by his side. He also writes about how his father taught him respect and always kept him close to home.

Clarke shares how his father fought in the Korean war, what he saw and what he went through.  The horrors of war are made visual by the Sheriff.  Clarke has such a gift for description that reading his book was like watching a powerful and engaging film.


Clarke details being a police officer, running as a democratic sheriff (but refusing to join the party) and coming face-to-face with internal untrue attacks about his character, and both media and citizen attacks on the actions of officers doing his job.

He’s honest, as always, about his dislike of the Black Lives Movement.  He talks about the criminals BLM has asked to be released and the demands they put upon both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during the election.

When he goes into his speech at the Republican National Convention, it’s like reliving that exciting experience all over again.

This isn’t just a book I suggest.  It’s a book that every American needs to read.  I wish this was mandatory reading in school.  Sheriff Clarke’s love of God and country come through on every page.  His respect for the police force, the military, and the American people shines brilliantly and brightly in his words.  With all the hate being perpetrated on TV and all the lies being spread daily, it’s so refreshing to have someone with as much integrity as Sheriff Clarke to explain why we are proud to be American, why we need law and order and what we can do to achieve mutual respect, dignity and love in this country.

There is so much within this book that I’m not going into.  One major aspect, I’d like to touch on briefly is the way in which he reformed a prison in one year of taking it over.  Every maneuver, every idea and every implementation that Sheriff Clarke put forth was to better the chances of success for each prisoner on their way out, to protect the innocent and to save taxpayers money that was being spent unnecessarily.  The left has demonized Sheriff Clarke for doing so and I don’t think the right has celebrated him as much as they should.  He is an American Hero and this is a book I will read more than once.  This is a book that I’ll be buying for friends and family come birthdays and holidays.

If I had one qualm, it is only that there are no pictures of the Sheriff within the book.  I would’ve loved to see pictures of him when he was young, when he became a police officer, a sheriff and so on.  Still, this is one of the most powerful books I’ve read.

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Rating: 10/10 – Buy This Book