The Choice (2016) Romance Film Review – Free on AMAZON PRIME

  By Melissa Antoinette Garza   It feels like spring in Western Mass and despite enjoying horror films and everything strange and dark, I do have a soft side.  I’m a girl.  I grew up on soap operas which with few exceptions are obsolete now.  After surrounding myself in all the dreary, haunting and scary […]



By Melissa Antoinette Garza   I love 1970s horror movies.  They have a certain look, feel, tone and rawness to it that modern movies rarely capture.  As I was perusing the new Amazon Prime films, I came across NECROMANCY (1972).  It was a movie I had never seen and it starred one of my favorite […]


Ouija: Origin of Evil – Available for rent on Amazon

By Melissa Antoinette Garza   I was not a fan of the predecessor to this film.  I love movies about Ouija boards, but it failed to scare.  It was the typical horror film that followed teenagers contacting the other side.  It just didn’t do it well. Thankfully, OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL took some pointers from […]


Leah Remini: Scientology and The Aftermath – AVAILABLE ON AMAZON

  By Melissa Antoinette Garza   There’s not much Americans agree on right now.  The one thing that isn’t up for debate is SCIENTOLOGY AND THE AFTERMATH.  Everyone loves it and everyone talks about it.  Whether on Facebook, Twitter or in person (imagine that) everyone I know is cheering on Leah Remini and her partner […]


Grotesque (1988) Horror Movie Review – FREE FILM INCLUDED

  By Melissa Antoinette Garza   My husband wants me to give this flick a 10 out of 10.  He’s overreaching quite a bit, but it was certainly a film worth watching. GROTESQUE is a fun confused mess with an odd premise and an even odder implementation.  The performances seem as though they should come […]


Strange Voices (1989) – Nancy McKeon Made for TV Movie Review

By Geno McGahee They don’t make TV movies like they used to. You don’t really see many topical flicks any more. It all changed with Joey Buttafuoco and OJ Simpson. Those two guys forever shifted the tone of these made for TV films. But before they began to trend, we got very decent and meaningful […]


The Good Neighbor (2016) – Movie Review – Film Available on Netflix

By Melissa Antoinette Garza   There are some shared common decencies that most human beings hold dear, simply because they have a conscience. That internal voice that speaks up when something is wrong or immoral is a significant aspect that makes the world a more peaceful and unified place.  At times, it seems that voice […]


WHO TOOK JOHNNY (2014) Shocking Documentary on Netflix – Sex Trafficking – EDITED with Pizzagate Connection

  Reviewed by Melissa Antoinette Garza   I don’t have children.  I have bunnies, but I don’t have human children.  If I did I would be a helicopter mom.  As it is, I’m constantly looking at predators around the areas so that I may warn anyone I know that has kids. Dreadful and scary topics […]


Beyond the Gates (2016) – 80s Horror Throwback – Movie Review

By Melissa Antoinette Garza BEYOND THE GATES (2016) is an IFC Midnight film that is currently available for rental on Amazon’s streaming service. Typically, IFC does well with the films they produce.  I saw the trailer for this movie and was immediately taken in.  It reminded me of a 1980s horror short from the film […]


The Secret Village (2013) – Horror Film Review – Available for rent on Amazon

  By Melissa Antoinette Garza   This is one of those times, I hadn’t heard of the film prior to watching it.  I love movies about cults so this seemed right up my alley.  I watched the trailer and recognized some of the actors.  The movie was shot in MA and I live there so […]


TABLOID (2010) – Documentary on Netflix – Woman Accused of Raping Mormon?

By Melissa Antoinette Garza   Prior to this documentary, I had never heard of Joyce McKinney.  I was born in 1979 so I hadn’t even been born when the case broke.  I am surprised this is the first I’m hearing of her and the insane events that surrounded Miss McKinney’s young life. In 1977, Joyce […]