UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT – Exorcising Demons, Raising Scarecrows & More – Horror Filmmaker Geno McGahee Speaks

By Chris Summerfield It is time we went, ‘Under the spotlight,’ once again here on scared stiff, with the legendary indie horror, writer, director and producer, Geno McGahee. Welcome back Geno. CS: So I must start by asking how did the, EXORCISM OF THE 7TH DEMON, work out, as am aware it was a movie […]


John Fallon talks about his film “The Shelter” coming to DVD on January 3, 2017 – INTERVIEW

By Kevin Scott With the upcoming release of writer, director, actor, and reviewer John Fallon’s “The Shelter”, people are talking again about the depth of the film’s story and the solid performance of veteran actor Michael Paré. The innocent title doesn’t fully lend to the powerful redemption/condemnation arc that fuels the tale of a destitute […]


BRING IT ON (2000) – Writer Jessica Bendinger on Allegations She Promotes Rape Culture

  By Melissa Antoinette Garza   Often when discussing 1980s comedies like REVENGE OF THE NERDS, ANIMAL HOUSE, PORKY’S and POLICE ACADEMY, one can’t help but mention uncomfortable sequences involving sexual assault, misconduct and straight-up rape that were used for comedic purposes. For the most part, movies are warier of situations like this and don’t […]


Under the Spotlight: Horror Filmmaker Geno McGahee Speaks to Scared Stiff

Interview by Chris Summerfield It brings me great pleasure to welcome back, Geno McGahee to ‘Under the spotlight’ as it has been a while since I last interviewed Mr. McGahee, and feel it is time to catch up with the horror master from Massachusetts USA. Welcome again Geno to under the spotlight and thank you […]

Eugene MCGahee

Survivors with Scars : My Story as an Incest Survivor

My name is Melissa Antoinette Garza, and I am an incest survivor. I am an incest survivor.  My father, Eugene McGahee was a narcissistic sociopath, who indulged in every sick thought that went through his mind.  From the age of about 4 or 5 until around 8, 9, or 10 he repeatedly and brutally raped […]


Major Fraud: The Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Scandal – Free Documentary Included

By Melissa Antoinette Garza I have an odd interest in scandals and frauds. When done right, I find documentaries, books and television shows about those who lack a moral compass or act outside of their moral compass fascinating. The film QUIZ SHOW (1994) is one of my favorites. Once watched, I researched the actual events […]


Writing & Directing: Jono Freedrix Speaks About His Film Journey

Interview by Andrew Bard I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jono Freedrix, a former high school photography and drama teacher turn successful writer, director and producer creating entertaining and award winning films. AB: I read that you were a theater and photography teacher before moving to Brooklyn? Have you always been interested in […]


Writer, Comedian & More – Hannah George Speaks About Her Career & Journey

Interview by Andrew Bard Thank you very much for taking the time to sit down with me for this interview. AB: I was very impressed to discover that you won the Paramount Comedy Student Comedian of the year award at age 19. When did you first realize you wanted to be a comedian and writer? […]


William DeCoff: Actor, Stuntman, Wrestler & More – The Interesting Journey of a Rising Star

Interview by Andrew Bard I recently had the privilege to sit down with the very talented William DeCoff, an actor from the Boston Area. William has a number of achievements under his belt, from being a stuntman, inducted into the New England hall wrestling hall of fame of fame to a police officer, bodybuilder and […]


Horror Filmmaker Corey Norman Speaks About his Film Career – Horror Movie News

Interview by Andrew Bard I recently had the privilege to speak with Corey Norman about his film career and his and his wife’s company Bonfire Films. Besides being a successful and talented filmmaker Corey is also a department chair and teaches film at Southern Maine Community College (SMCC). Corey’s presence in the film community has […]

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Reesa Guerra: Writer/Actress/Producer Speaks About the Move Business, Her Career & More

Interview by Andrew Bard Reesa Guerra is one of those unique gems that are a true find in the film industry. To attempt to fit her in a single role would be impossible. Being a successful and talented actress is one of her many skills but she is also a model, writer, producer and more. […]


How to Kill a Zombie: Bill McLean Speaks About his Filmmaking Journey – HORROR MOVIE NEWS

Interview by Andrew Bard AB: How did your journey begin in the film industry? While working in the missile silos in the Air Force in the middle of nowhere – my friends and I decided to rent one of those new-fangled video cameras and shoot some fun stuff due to the boredom we all suffered. […]