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Dimension 404 – Review (EPS 1 and 2) – Exclusively on HULU

  By Melissa Antoinette Garza   Anyone who knows me knows that THE TWILIGHT ZONE (1959) is my favorite show of all time, tied only with DRAGNET (1967-1970).  Rod Serling was one of the most brilliant minds ever to grace earth.  He used his knowledge of human nature to create some of the most thought-provoking […]


Creepshow 2 (1987) – HORROR ANTHOLOGY REVIEW

By Kevin Scott Written by Stephen King and George Romero Directed by Michael Gornick Starring George Kennedy, Lois Chiles, Daniel Beer, Dorothy Lamour, Holt McCallany, Page Hannah, Don Harvey, David Holbrook, Frank Salsedo I don’t exactly know what it is, but sometimes installment number two can be something special. Some of the particularly unique ones […]


Holidays (2016) – Kevin Smith Horror Anthology Review

By Geno McGahee I am a big fan of anthologies. There is usually something for everyone. HOLIDAYS has a great concept going in. An anthology with holiday themes seems like a can’t miss. Add a budget and writers like Kevin Smith and we should have something very special. They would have to work really hard […]



By Geno McGahee As I cleaned my attic, I stumbled upon a DVD that I bought quite a few years ago called “NIGHTWALKERS.” It was that magical time where the internet was still in its developmental stages and horror filmmakers were popping up all over the place. I would blindly buy DVDs from indie guys […]


Southbound (2015) – New Anthology- Horror Film Review – Available on Amazon

By Melissa Antoinette Garza Anthologies are one of my favorite sub-genre of horror productions. I grew up on the Creepshow films and The Twilight Zone film. I loved the HBO series Tales from the Crypt and lived for the Saturday afternoon TV shows Tales from the Darkside and Monsters. As of late, I haven’t been […]


Dead of Night (1945) –Horror Anthology Review

By Geno McGahee I am a huge fan of a good horror anthology. I especially like them when there is a good wraparound and some twists along the way and that is the case with the 1945 horror anthology “DEAD OF NIGHT.” Written H.G. Wells, E.F. Benson, John Baines and Angus MacPhail and directed by […]


Creeptales (1989) – Low Budget Anthology HORROR REVIEW

By Geno McGahee I am a huge fan of micro-budget films, for the most part. If they are done correctly, they can be very enjoyable and you get to see a lot of heart. The 1980s seemed to be the best time for this sort of movie. The video stores were looking for film and […]



By Geno McGahee Horror anthologies are becoming more common nowadays and it’s thanks in large part to the horror filmmakers connecting via social media. Most filmmakers lean towards making short films and an anthology is a collection of short films. So, it makes sense for filmmakers to team up and make a feature rather than […]



By Geno McGahee I am a big fan of horror anthologies. You usually get at least one good tale out of it and you can walk away feeling a little satisfied. When I saw the cover of IN THE DARK, a film by David Buchert and Chris St. Croix, I was compelled. A ventriloquist dummy […]


Dreadtime Stories (2014) – ANTHOLOGY HORROR REVIEW

By Christopher Houtz I have to say, sometimes being a film critic ain’t easy. Oh sure, you get to watch lots of movies before they are released, help create buzz on a film (either positive or negative) and in general we get to indulge in our love of movies and once in a while get […]

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Dreadtime Stories (2014) – HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE REVIEW

By Melissa Ann I’m a longtime fan of horror anthologies and indie filmmaking. When I saw the trailer for Dreadtime Stories, I was beyond excited to check it out. Director Jacob Grim and Executive Producer Sal Hernandez from STX Media brought 10 stories to life in their first full length feature film. They had an […]

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Scary Tales: Last Stop (2015) – Bigfoot, Slasher Horror Anthology Review

By Chris Summerfield ‘All Aboard! All Aboard! The train is about to leave the station, hurry now you don’t want to miss it….’ Well as regards the train within this movie, just perhaps you would have been reluctant to buy a ticket, however, sit back, relax and brace yourself for terror, as Scary Tales, makes […]