Barricade (2012) Movie Review – Redbox Rental (SPOILERS REVEALED)


Reviewed By Melissa Garza

I rented Barricade not knowing it was a World Wrestling Entertainment production.  Had I known, I probably would not have rented it.  Thankfully, the fact was unbeknownst to me and the film ended up being quite a treat.

Eric McCormack stars as Terrance Shade, a psychiatrist who takes his two children to a cabin that his wife had suggested before her untimely and accidental death.   Soon, all three develop a cold and with it strange occurrences begin to happen.  A never-ending snow storm insures they remain in the house.  Shade barricades the doors shut as he is convinced something is trying to enter.

The movie has fantastic pace, a great fear element, and terrific acting.  The ending is ambiguous and leaves a lot for fans to question which they do frequently across message boards.

The basic question one is left with asks whether Shade was having hallucinations because of his fever and due to the drugs he was taking for depression or whether the cabin was truly haunted.  The ending reveals that he was most certainly having a breakdown and hallucinating.  He and his children are rescued by the police and are taken away by an ambulance.    The curiosity is stirred by the last scene which shows an unseen presence peering out the window of the cabin.

At first, I believed this to be a weak conclusion without an answer, but after thinking about it – I think the ending is clear.  I believe the lead character is still hallucinating.  During his flashbacks with his wife he mentions a patient who lost his wife that he prescribes Lorazepam to.  It just so happens he is taking the same medication making me think that even within the flashback of his wife, he was confused and disoriented.

When things begin to come together it shows him going from a red sweater to a blue sweater to make it simpler to see when he was hallucinating and when he was coherent.  At the end, he is in the blue sweater which he was predominantly in during the hallucinations.

It is my belief that at the end, it is he that is looking out the window.  That in fact, he is still hallucinating and that he is stuck in the cabin with his children who he has murdered.

I encourage those who have watched it to watch it again with this perspective and for those who haven’t to view it to see if they agree or disagree.

Scared Stiff Reviews 8/10