Alter Egos (2012) – Superhero MOVIE REVIEW

By Forris Day Jr.

Superman’s got nothin’ on the heroes in “Alter Egos”! Imagine a world where anyone might have a superpower. It can be anything. Some have more control over their power than others and if you’re really good you can apply to Supercorp, become an official Superhero and fight Super Villains! That is the world of “Alter Egos”. The problem is that all the villains have been captured and now there is no longer a need for the Superheroes. With government funding cut to the program many Superhero are lost with nothing to do, getting involved in crime and scandal. To make matters worse, as in real life, now that people no longer need them, they no longer tolerate them. They are disrespected, for they are indeed a government program that is no longer needed.

The story focuses on two Superhero friends “Fridge” (Kris Lamache) and “C-Thru” (Joey Kern). “Fridge” is having an identity crisis. He no longer removes his Superhero costume to return to his real life of Brendan. He seems lost. To top it off his girlfriend Emily (Christine Evangelista) is cheating on Brendan…with his alter ego Fridge! C-Thru is transporting the last Super Villain “Shrink” (John Ventimiglia) to prison and needs Fridge to assist in the transport. They meet at a hidden away hotel on Long Island, New York to make the transfer, but something just doesn’t seem right. Fridge becomes suspicious as the story unravels. Brendan is also falling in love with the girl at the counter of the hotel, Claudel (Brooke Nevin). She likes Brendan too. The problem…Claudel does not like Fridge at all! What should Brendan do? He’s torn between Emily, who loves Fridge and Claudel who likes Brendan.

Alter Egos is a fabulous movie. It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s fantastic and it’s…it’s…it’s… well it’s something else that starts with an “f” I’m sure. I really enjoyed the locations such as the landmark Hampton Bays Diner ( I now want to go there. If it weren’t for the three hour drive I’d be eating breakfast there right now…hmm…there’s always lunch though. Vintage car lovers…just letting you know there are a couple really cool vehicles making an appearance.

The story is tightly written and directed by Jordan Galland. My hat is off to you Jordan. I don’t wear a hat but if I did, I would take it off. Kris Lamache and Joey Kern play off each other so well, you never question their Superhero friendship. They are two funny guys. Brooke Nevin is perfect as Claudel the check in girl. She is sassy, sexy and knows how to deliver a comedic line. Christine Evangelista rocks as Emily. She really brought the character of Emily to life as a self-centered girl who knows what she wants. Evangelista too knows how to deliver a funny line. Danny Masterson is creepy as Jimmy, Claudell’s stalker. Masterson brings a real darkness to the character and was a pleasure to watch. The likeable hippie janitor “Moondog” makes appearances throughout the movie to add a chuckle and is nicely played by Carlos Velazquez, who co-produced the movie with Galland. There is a Super Villain named “Electric Death” (Sean Lennon) who rides around in a limo. He’s creepy looking with his skull face. Lennon not only acts in the movie but wrote the score and a great job he did! The first thing I noticed as the opening credits rolled was how well the music was done.

I feel you must see this movie. It will be one that you recommend to friends. When it ended I wanted more and I hope that Galland continues on with more stories of these misfit Superheroes. A resounding two thumbs up! Ohh wait…that’s not us…we use stars. OK..a resounding 10 stars! I’d give it 10 ½ but we only have ten.

Rating: 10/10 -“Chicks dig the costume!”

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