About Us

Scared Stiff Reviews is a movie review site, specializing in horror movies, but not afraid to review ANY movie, regardless of genre. Started in 2007, Scared Stiff Reviews has grown immensely, headed up by filmmaker Geno McGahee, the man responsible for EVIL AWAKENING (2001), RISE OF THE SCARECROWS (2003), FAMILY SECRET (2011), SCARY TALES (2014), SICKLE (2014), and LONE GUNMAN (2013).

Scared Stiff Reviews appreciates the big budget and the micro budget, and believes indie horror is the future of the genre. Scared Stiff features several writers that cover film, news, entertainment, and just about everything else.

Filmmaker and Owner of Scared Stiff Reviews, Geno McGahee.

SICKLE TRAILER from Geno McGahee on Vimeo.

The Cowboy and the Tavern Trailer from Geno McGahee on Vimeo.

Scary TalesLast Stop trailer from Geno McGahee on Vimeo.