An Upcoming Porn Parody Announcement – Sailor Poon- Lexi Belle and more

I, for one, am looking forward to the 4th of July this year.  Not for the fireworks in the sky, but for those that will be coming from my DVD player the following day! 

07/05/2012  Hustler is releasing Sailor Poon:  A XXX Interactive Parody DVD.  I’m not sure about everyone else – but I’m super vamped about seeing the gorgeous Lexi Belle as the anime icon Sailor Moon.  Belle was of course in the porn parody versions of  Halloween , The Incredible Hulk, SupermanBuffy the Vampire Slayer and of course one of my faves Batman.   She always delivers.  She can act and sincerely deliver dialogue and is also fantastic in the sexy scenes. 

Sailor Moon is definitely a toon that I think Belle will pull off marvelously.  The cover reveals the wigs which are adorable and the costumes which are surprisingly subtle for a porn, but in my opinion it makes it all the more sexy!  I’m probably one of the few who wish she would play Holli Wood in a live action version of Cool World.  Sure, the movie was a flop and it’s 20 years old – but Lexi in that white dress would be Amazing!

This is surely one film I cannot wait to see!